What is Donation House?

The Donation House Program was started in December 2010 by a group of Portland area business leaders in the real estate industry who have a desire to help support local non-profit organizations.  Our mission is to raise awareness and support for local non-profit organization that serve our communities and make a positive impact on people around the world.  In its first month, $1,200 was given to help support a local non-profit organization.  Please join with us to help Donation House make a huge impact in our community!

What do we do?

Our Donation House partners are committed to operating great companies that serve clients at the highest level with professionalism and integrity.  They are committed to giving back to the community with their time and resources, and they do so by supporting local Donation House non-profit organizations throughout the year.

 How do I help?

  1. Complete a one page contact information form to join our Donation House Program.
  2. Promote Donation House within your organization’s marketing materials.
  3. Donation House non-profit organizations will be promoted through our website, newsletters, and marketing materials.

Get started by filling out the one page contact information form and sending it to us today!

For more information, you can  contact us here.

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